Resume Writing

A well-written resume can open the door to new job opportunities.

First impressions count and your resume is the first impression you give to a potential employer. Your resume should make you stand out from the crowd, get noticed and advance you through to the interview stage.

Your resume needs to showcase your experience, skills and abilities in a clear and concise manner.


Some helpful guidelines to consider when developing your resume.


Ensure your resume is well presented. The layout should be clear, easy to read and look appealing.
Make paragraphs short and single-spaced.


The language of your resume is critical - use action words (designed, developed, implemented), and avoid repetition and jargon.
You may need to tailor your resume for each position.
Highlight key responsibilities and key achievements for each position. Where possible ensure you quantify your achievements with project dollars, budgetary values and improvements/efficiencies achieved.
List your qualifications, training courses and memberships and any relevant professional associations.
Always proof read your resume. Accuracy in spelling and grammar is very important.

Remember, your resume is a work in progress and you will need to updated on a regular basis.

For further details in relation to resume writing please contact us.

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