Two in three shoppers buy Aussie made products – research says

A recent study by Roy Morgan revealed that two in three Australians say they frequently or always buy Australian-made items, and more than four in five say buying Aussie-made is essential to them.

The market research company said the research looked at the recognition and trust of the Australian Made logo, attributes and associations with the logo, feelings towards buying Australian-made products and consumer purchasing behaviour.

Furthermore, support for employment and the economy is the most common reason Australians buy Australian Made items, followed by product quality or reliability, the research found.

Among those who did not buy a product, 33 per cent indicated they would be more inclined to buy an Australian-made product if they visited the Australian Made website or saw an Australian Made social media post.

According to Linda Hickey, CEO of the Australian Gifts and Homewares Association (AGHA), Australian-made items are an essential differentiator for retailers.

“The Australian Made Pavilion provides a space for attendees interested in supporting the growth of Australia’s gift and homewares manufacturing industry. Australian manufacturers produce some of the highest quality products in the world, making them the perfect choice for gifting, all year round,” Linda explained.

Hickey also urges interested individuals to attend the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair from 5 to 9 August 2023, at its Australian Made Pavilion.

In particular, this year’s Gift Fair will offer 21 local producers a diverse selection of authorised Australian Made products, including candles, perfumes, cosmetics, kitchen items, and toys.

Caitlin Blair, Australian Made’s Senior Partnerships and Communications Officer, said she has received encouraging feedback from businesses and guests engaged in the Pavillion since its maiden introduction at the 2020 Sydney Gift Fair.

“The feedback we’ve received from both buyers and makers at AGHA’s Gift Fairs has been overwhelmingly positive,” Blair said.

She remarked, “Buyers have told us they are looking to stock more authentic and unique Australian-made products, and makers want an effective way to connect with these buyers.”

Blair added that it allows shoppers to readily identify certified Australian Made items and offers a platform for Aussie Made enterprises to exhibit their offerings.

Caitlin further emphasised that the benefit of having Australian Made items in retail outlets can be a major contribution to the greater Australian economy.

“When you buy Aussie products, you are investing in thousands of Australians at all stages of the supply chain, from the local makers and producers to their Aussie service providers, the flow-on effects can be significant,” she explained.

The Melbourne Gift Fair, organised by Australian Made Industry Partner the Australian Gifts and Homewares Association, is Australia’s largest industry-led trade event.





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