Interview Tips

Preparation is essential to maximising your chance of success at an interview. The interview process is your opportunity to market yourself to a prospective employer. Preparation, research and presentability are essential to a successful interview.

The following suggestions may assist you in your interview preparation.


Obtain a copy of the Position Description. Review the key tasks and responsibilities, skills required and key performance indicators of the role.
Research the industry and the organisation's mission, values, objectives and future growth plans.
Read through your resume again, summarising your key strengths and achievements, skills and experience.
Find out what style of interview technique will be used (e.g. technical, behavioural-based etc.)
Research behavioural-based style questions. Think about previous workplace experiences you can use as examples to assist you in answering these type of questions.
Be prepared for the question "Tell me about yourself?"
Prepare questions to ask at the interview in relation to the company structure, objectives and culture, as well as specific position related questions.
Confirm the place, day and time of the interview and find out the names and positions of the interviewer/s.


Dress professionally and arrive on time.
If appropriate, ensure you have relevant documentation such as reports, training course certificates etc.
Display a professional and positive attitude at all times.
Listen and engage with the interviewers.
Ensure you have questions to ask the employer about the position and the organization.
At the end, thank the interviewer/s for their time and consideration and ask about the next stage of the process.

Remember, an interview is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Demonstrate to the prospective hiring manager that you are a good match for the position.
If you have any further questions regarding interview tips please contact us.

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