Australia’s only respirator manufacturer upscales production

Australia’s only respirator manufacturer has upscaled production and increased training for advanced manufacturing at their North Sydney facility.
CleanSpace Technology, an Australian company that designs and produces next-generation respirators such as the CleanSpace HALO, the first respirator to be designed in consultation with healthcare.
The proprietary technology was designed by ex-ResMed biomedical engineers, who created respirators that delivered high level protection in an easy to use and comfortable system.
CleanSpace CEO Alex Birrell said the company was proud to be supporting doctors and nurses in their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“One thing that remains constant is the confidence we have in the technology and its ability to protect workers facing airborne contaminates that risk their health and safety,” he said.
“Our deployment had to be reliable and fast, effectively reducing time required by the frontline workers.”
Before the COVID-19 crisis, CleanSpace HALO was protecting the lives of thousands of frontline healthcare workers globally.
Dr Birrell said the advantages of reusable systems with superior protection and a secure supply chain made the manufacturer an attractive and reliable vendor for many Australian and international hospitals.
“The need is very real and very urgent, we have had to quickly adapt our manufacturing to respond to the need,” Dr Birrell said.
Initial risks around airfreight, with restricted commercial flights, were overcome with assistance from Austrade, DFAT, IFAM and DHL.

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