Five technologies transforming the healthcare sector

As technology develops, we see its impact across society, in numerous sectors of our economy. One particularly noteworthy sector that technology is transforming is healthcare.
There’s no doubt that healthcare is one of the most important industries in our society. The progression and innovation of new healthcare solutions can potentially save thousands of lives.
And we’re already seeing it happen, with new developments in technology being incorporated into the healthcare system.
Here are five different technologies that are transforming the healthcare sector!
Internet of things
The internet of things refers to the connection of everyday objects to the internet. This is a particularly useful technology when it comes to the medical industry, as many individuals have conditions they struggle with on a daily basis.
For example, individuals who need to keep track of their glucose level can make use of implantable glucose-monitoring systems, which enable users to monitor their levels via a phone application.
Such inventions show how technology can be developed to better the lives of those with medical conditions.
5G connections
Developments in 5G connections can have a significant impact on medical procedures. Robots such as the Da Vinci surgery robot rely on such connections, so its development will allow for better developments in remote surgery.
More and more new medical innovations can take advantage of faster 5G connection. Remote surgery is an area to keep an eye on for further development due to the intricate nature of surgeries.
Augmented reality
The incorporation of augmented reality technology is particularly useful for surgeries. The recent invention of augmented reality glasses allows surgeons to view the inside of their patient’s bodies with data from scans.
This marks a significant development in medical technology and can minimise the risk of surgeries, allowing for a more effective medical process.
Wearable technology
Wearable technologies such as smart watches are transforming the way we monitor our health. With step counters and heart monitors, keeping track of our physical activity has never been easier.
The possibilities of wearable technology in healthcare are endless – people may soon be able to remotely monitor if someone is taking their medicine.
Virtual assistants
Virtual assistants developed with artificial intelligence technology will be a very useful tool, especially as AI development advances.
Doctors and other medical professionals will be able to treat more patients with the help of virtual assistants.
The healthcare sector is vital for the progress of society and our living conditions. Research and development into healthcare innovations is essential to providing solutions for medical conditions.


These five technologies transforming the healthcare sector are just an indication of the further advancements to come. They demonstrate the powerful nature of technology and its ability to transform lives for the better.

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