How Australia can grow advanced manufacturing success

Australians are well-aware of the need to advance manufacturing operations to secure sovereignty and growth as a nation. Harnessing technology and Industry 4.0 are the crux of the solution, but how can Australia develop world-leading technology capabilities to become an advanced manufacturing nation?  

Queensland’s independent, not-for-profit, Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub has been doing just that. Their unique business model allows ARM Hub to work intimately with supply chains in our critical industries, with a focus on small-to-medium manufacturers, to bridge the gap between industry and innovation. 

Late last year, local Brisbane start-up, Voltin, came to ARM Hub with an innovation that would change the industry of building façade inspections. The experts in traditional façade and building inspections knew there had to be a “smarter” way to conduct business, but it didn’t exist yet. That’s how their pioneering product and service, AutoBAT came to life.

The AutoBAT system automates the recording, evaluation, and reporting of building façade defects, capturing the dangers of defects invisible to the human eye and eliminating the need to send workers abseiling down sky-rise buildings. 

A design-to-manufacture process with ARM Hub and QUT’s industrial design experts, saw Voltin go from design to viable product, and ultimately commercial development of their world-first AI enabled building façade inspection system.  

ARM Hub’s services allowed Voltin to tap into the research and development strengths in Australia to grow and evolve their products, getting ahead of traditional practices and taking advantage of the latest advancements in technology. Through increased capabilities and competitiveness, manufacturers can secure their future success and grow their services. 

The opportunity for Australian manufacturers to succeed and grow employment opportunities through digital technologies is enormous. Whether it’s data science, robotics, artificial intelligence, or applying mixed realities, companies like Voltin are showing that leveraging the support and expertise available through ARM Hub can grow Australian industry in ways that were previously unimaginable. 

If you’re interested in learning how technology and robotics could help your business advance and innovate, get in touch with the ARM Hub at [email protected].

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