MGC Pharma launches new cannabidiol skincare product

Listed cannabis company MGC Pharma has launched a new cannabis infused skincare product through its subsidiary MGC Derma.

Called CBD Herbal Replenish Cream, the product is specifically developed for external skin care and relief from inflammatory skin conditions.
The new cream is the second skincare product launched this year by MGC that contains cannabidiol compounds extracted from cannabis produced by MGC’s botanic division.
MGC Derma expects to launch its third product later this year called CBD Herbal Balm, for oily and acne prone skin.
The Herbal Replenish Cream follows the successful launch of CBD’s Herbal Repair Cream in January.
A study conducted by MGC concluded improvements in 86 per cent of participants who used the Herbal Replenish Cream.
The study was assessed independently and involved using the cream on 24 volunteers over a 30 day period.
Participants with dry skin noted a 71 per cent improvement, while those with flaking skin and itching skin noted a 65 per cent and 85 per cent improvement respectively.
In addition, 92 per cent of patients in the trial said they would continue using the cream.
Roby Zomer, co-founder, executive director, and CEO of MGC Pharma, is excited to see the products released to its global market.
“We’re excited with our MGC Derma progress and its Drerma Plus products have now launched and are available to its base of global customers, for sale where legally permitted,” says Zomer.
“The newest product will be a valuable addition to the range supporting our brand and increasing our presence within the CBD infused skincare space.”

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