Year 12s get two chances at becoming an engineer

For university students starting their degrees in 2021, entry to a well-known Australian university just got a whole lot easier for 2020 Year 12s who have had their studies disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Australian National University (ANU) has announced high school students in Year 12 have not one but two chances of gaining entry to the university next year. Firstly, it will overlook the 2020 school results when assessing undergraduate degree applications for next year’s student intake. Instead, ANU will judge aspiring applicants on their school results from 2019.
The Canberra-based university had already decided to decrease its reliance on the ATAR system in 2018, which was scheduled for introduction this year. The university said its approach considers traits such as community service, part-time work and sporting prowess alongside ATAR scores. Importantly, it allows university applicants to apply months before the ATARs are released in December. For 2021 potential students, applications are now open and close 25 May 2020.
“We will now make offers based on Year 11 results on 10 August 2020, and these will be honoured for study in 2021 as long as students have completed Year 12,” ANU stated. “You still need to complete your Year 12 in order to be eligible for study in 2021.”
However, 2020 Year 12 students get a second bite of the cherry as ANU revealed if a student’s Year 11 results don’t meet entry requirements for 2021, the university will automatically consider their Year 12 results for the December offer round.
Dawn Dixie Leonardo (pictured), Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Commerce student at ANU, was surprised at how many types of engineering there were and encourages women to take up the profession to bring diversity in thought and solutions.
“Engineering is a fusion of all the different sciences, with a dash of problem-solving and innovation;
to me it is the future,” Dawn explained.
ANU plans to admit 2500 new students in 2021 across all offerings so to whet your appetite, ANU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science has some inspiring student profiles to read including Dawn’s.
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